Selling Native Plants and Heirloom Vegetables at the River Landing Market, Saskatoon

Posted by Lisa Grilz on

Saturdays 8 to 2 pm at the River Landing Market (outside in the tents beside the Saskatoon Farmers Market) Heirloom tomato, pepper, and melon plants in red Solo cups for $2.50 each. Peppers and tomatoes are blooming.  Tomatoes for sale include: Stupice, New Big Dwarf, Silvery Fir Tree, Siberian, Adrina, and more. Peppers on offer include: Alma Paprika, Sweet Banana, and King of the North.  Also have Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon and Minnesota Midget muskmelon. Limited supply. 

Have native Saskatchewan plants for sale including Prairie Crocus, Black eyed Susan, Gaillardia, Hyssop, Wild Bergamot, Yarrow, Yellow Evening Primrose and Wild Blue Flax.  All two year plants in Red Solo Cups for the introductory price of $2.50.  Also selling seeds for 32 different wildflower species.  Have a Butterfly Garden Collection for sale as well.  The plant collection includes 16 plant plugs (1 year old plants in Rootrainers) and a flower garden layout plan for $50.  All plants should grow rapidly once planted and will bloom this year. 

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