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Wildflowers for Kids

Blazing Star

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Wildflowers for Kids

A collection designed for kids and the young at heart.  The collection cotains seed packs of five very easy to grow prairie wildflower species:  Black-Eyed Susan, Dotted Blazing Star, Prairie Coneflower, Three Flowered Avens and Yarrow.  Comes with a mini booklet that has instructions to help start seeds either indoors or outside and pictures and descripitions of 5 different prairie wildflowers.

Indoor Planting Instructions: Fill deep potting trays or containers with potting soil, pack the soil, then water well. Press the seeds firmly into the soil. Do not cover the seeds. Light will help the seeds to germinate. Cover the container with plastic and place in a warm spot. When the surface starts to dry out, mist with a sprayer.  After the seedlings appear, uncover the container, and place under grow lights. Keep the soil moist until the plants are large enough to transplant outside and danger of frost has passed.
Outdoor Planting Instructions:  Sow seeds in late fall or early spring.  Mix the contents of the seed package with half a cup of dry sand, gardening soil or saw dust. Spread seed mixture on well worked weed free soil.  Try to cover an area about 50 cm by 50 cm.  Pack soil with hands and cover with a light dusting of dry soil or peat moss.  Water gently with a watering can or spray bottle.  Try to keep the soil moist until the plants come up. 

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