Prairie Wildlfower Collection

wildflower kit

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 A collection of our 20 top selling Prairie wildflower seeds.  Each species is packaged in a small watch glass container with a see through top.  Comes with a booklet that includes pictures, descriptions and growing instructions for each species. Contains: alumroot, bergamot, black-eyed Susan, cut-leaved anemone, dotted blazingstar, gaillardia, giant hyssop, harebell, hairy golden aster, northern hedysarum, prairie coneflower, prairie crocus, purple prairie clover, Lindley's aster, slender beardtongue, stiff goldenrod, three flowered avens, western red lily, yarrow and yellow evening primrose. Each kit is $50 plus shipping and handling. If ordering 1 to 3 kits the total shipping cost will be $15.  For 4 or more kits the total shipping cost will be $18. 

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