Harvest Time

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With a few days of sunshine in the forcast I am hoping to be able to harvest some more crocus seeds. Last week I hand picked a bit of seed but most of the seed wasn't ready yet! The cool, wet weather this spring in Saskatchewan has made for a very late crocus seed harvest. Most years crocus seed is picked the last week in May.
Crocus seed not yet ready to harvest
Crocus seed ready to pick

Crocus seed is ready to harvest when the fluffy, white seed heads have lost their shiny appearance and are a dull white to gray colour. When touched the seeds fall into your hand.

Fresh picked crocus seeds have very high germination rates. Simply soak the seeds in water overnight. Pick up seeds by the tail and gently push the part containing the seed into the soil and leave the "tails" sticking out of the soil. Keep moist and germination should occur in a few weeks. If the tails of the crocus seeds spin when watered it is a sign that the seeds are germinating and the seedlings will be up soon.

June is the perfect time to plant crocus seeds. The seeds you plant today will bloom in a year or two. Your can purchase prairie crocus seed from Blazing Star Wildflowers online store.


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