About Us

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company is family owned and operated. We have been a supplier of Canadian wildflower seeds since 1992.  We have been online since 1997 and opened our first online store in 2010.  We hope that by provding others with the resources needed to grow wildflowers that we all can be a part of the effort to preserve our native plants. 

Canadian wildflowers are hardy plants which withstand the rigorous prairie climate.  Adapted to hot summers, drought, and cold winters, they require little maintenace once established.  By growing wildflowers you are conserving their aesthetic, historical and ecological values.  Wildflowers attact wildlife, enrich the soil and control erosion because of their deep root systems.

At Blazing Star we pay special attention to ensure that our wildflower seeds are collected, processed and stored carefully in order to supply the best seed possible.  Our hand picked seeds are native to Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba and proudly grown in Saskatchewan.

Lisa Grilz (B.Sc.) and Renny Grilz (P.Ag.)