Why grow wildflowers?

Posted by Lisa Grilz on

If you have a smal plot of land or a corner of your lot that needs vegetation we encourage you to grow wildflowers.  Not only will you beautify your surroundings, you will also be adding to the effort to preserve these valuable resources.

Western Canadian wildflowers are hardy plants which withstand the rigorous prairie climate.  Adapted to hot summers, long cold winters, and drought, they require little maintenance once established.  Prairie wildflowers may be more cost effective than other horticultural plants for landscaping.

By growing native wildflowers you are conserving their aesthetic, historical and ecological valuces.  Wildflower meadows are a constant source of surprise as colours change over the seasons.  They attract wildlife, enrich the soil and control erosion because of their deep root systems.  Historically wildflowers have played a major role in the lives of our First Nations peoples and settlers by supplying them with medicine and food.

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