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A seed collection of 8 easy to grow heirloom vegetable varieties for prairie gardeners.  All seeds can be planted directly into your small garden.   This seed collection helps you to start growing some of your own food. 

Contains seed packs of:

  1. baby leaf blend lettuce (800 seeds) A mix of butter crunch, grand rapids, oak leaf, royal red, romaine, prizehead, ruby red, salad bowl, and spinach
  2. sugar baby watermelon (15 seeds)
  3. cherry belle radish (300 seeds)
  4. homesteader pea (50 seeds)
  5. gourmet beet blend (180 seeds) A mix of Chioggia, Detroit dark red and golden.
  6. purple royalty green bean (45 seeds)
  7. scarlet nantes carrot (1200 seeds)
  8. national pickling cucumber (40 seeds)


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